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((Character for use at [info]dc_nation and other RP communities. Full bio, complete with scene links and breaks from DC cannon can be found here))

As silly as it sounds, sometimes a picture isn't worth just 1,000 words. It can sum up a few lifetimes.

These are the founding Titans. My family. We're all grown up now (in theory). We've changed our names and challenged our fates but even when apart, we remain Titans.

We've added team members to our makeshift family. We've lost members, too. We had some forget who they were. Others went insane, betrayed us, or died. Even then, many of us have managed to pull ourselves out from those pits because to be a Titan means never having to enter Hell alone.

When I was in that picture, I wanted to grow up and into one of the teams like the JSA, but now that I'm older I know what I am. I'm the Titan who wears bits and pieces of Queen Hippolyta of Themyscria's legacy. I am part of my mother's, sisters', and now my own stepdaughter's mission - to bring a measure of peace and reconciliation into Man's World from an island of women who were all touched by man's violence.

The irony of working on this mission with mostly male allies isn't lost on me.
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