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Wedding season is her favorite season, both personally and professionally. It's lucrative from a business standpoint and watching couples of all age share a celebration of commitment makes her barely-hidden inner romantic blossom outward. Fashion was fast-paced, high pressure, and staged. Wedding can be, but most of the time the best laid plan just don't manifest - and that is almost always for the best.

The downside of this season is she's damn tired. After lugging her equipment into the garage and securing it, she makes her way down the hall, through the kitchen...

And that's when she hears it.

It's not expected or unexpected. Donna is just wondering who's here listening to her slightly aged Boys II Men Greatest Hits CD. Is Jesse Quick here visiting? Is Kory fiddling with the stereo Roy's been repairing?

Nope. Surprisingly, it's the man himself. Fresh from the shower and with college textbooks strewn about him, with wet red hair failing about as he headbangs - yes, headbangs - to the catchy chorus. One hand holds a towel while the other, hovering by the stereo, pumps a fist with the beat.

As she leans silently in the doorway, she has to wonder: How in the world does he do that? How is it that she's known him over half her life and she keeps being surprised? How in Great Hera's name does she keep falling in love with this man?

As the music fades, Donna can't help herself. "Testing the stereo, Mr. Victorious?"
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(So New Teen Titans #11-12 could not have happen post-crisis. This is what I wished would have happened. -M)

"Roy! Roy! Get back here!"

It is rare to hear Donna Troy raise her voice or issue demands. Today is such a rare day.

"Gods, I hope you took it on accident!" she mutters.

Changeling had been injured in their fight against H.I.V.E. and such wounds would have been fatal if they had not been near an Atlantean outpost. While Aqualad and Aquagirl had given them clearance to stay at this research station, it had been with the thought that the surface dwellers would keep to themselves and confined.

Since H.I.V.E. was still active, and that was the least of their problems, Robin had decided to put out the call for back-up. Most were old friends - like Lilith or Don. There was one person on that whole list she wasn't sure if she wished would be busy or not. She missed him. That much she knew. But talking him? Donna already based herself for an exercise in frustration, and praised the Gods for sending her sane, stable, mature Terry Long.

Not that everything was going perfectly there, but relationships were supposed to do that, right?

But forget all that. See, he'd taken one look at her lingering to talk to him after official check in and announced - loudly - he wanted to go "exploring," on the island chain near the research base. True to the name "Speedy" - her ex was out of there before anyone could object. That would have been the end of it except for the last communique. The last check said that he'd found some arrows lying around. The Atlantean researchers then told her what they had been looking for on the island.

It was best she got a hold of him before anyone in the group did. Gods help the world if Raven or Starfire had an accident with those! Dick and Wally had enough problems in that particular areas, and Cyborg was still looking over Gar. Besides, given the likelihood of what Speedy had discovered, this was an Amazon problem.

"Speedy, The Arrows of Hippolytus are dangerous! We're not sure what they'll do, but they're a god's arrows!"
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The burning wind kicks up enough dust to cloud her vision and fill both her nostrils with acrid sandpaper. Wonder Woman has been in worse places and times, she reminds herself stepping forward, hoping this "Go-Go Motel and RV Park," truly is the spot.

Behind the long faded jade curtains, the owner of the RV park peers out at her. She identifies herself with a name she's still getting used to rolling off her tongue, almost calling herself "Wonder Girl" instead of Wonder Woman. (He'd love that.) The owner is not impressed, and from the amused, slightly lascivious smirk Donna gets the sense he thinks she's there in a different professional capacity.

"Sure, honey, got someone by the name of Roger Arrowsmith in Lot T."


"Keeps to himself," the man notes, with the last drag on his cigarette. "Most people here do. Don't make a fuss," he says, with a mild plea riding on his voice.

She doesn't even bother knocking. The best men in her life taught her to pick locks.

"Roy...Roy, it's Donna. I'm here to take you home."
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The diner is one of those tucked away places in Upstate New York close enough to where the rich and famous live where people don't gape when they see them, yet far enough away from the rich and famous to offer prices she can afford -

Especially with this guy.

"Alternate universe, huh?" She tries to smile, and it's charming for a grimace. She covers it quickly with a sip of coffee. "So, that's why you don't know me."
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After hypertime, one of the duties of the senior Titans is to offer a formal debrief. More than merely offering the facts, it's also a way to say 'the nightmare you just lived ended.' That might be a little more involved for the next person in the queue.
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She'd think the request was ridiculous or egotistical if not for three things. The first was her powers - those which allowed her to sense the truth like her creator, Wonder Woman - could feel that he wasn't lying. The second reason was that she'd been there. She had been where Dick now sat at this very diner, wondering who she was and missing so much information about her past and identity. The third reason was that Nightwing rarely allowed himself the luxury of ego. If anything, he was a little too selfless. They had that in common.

"So," she breathed in an uneasy breath. "I brought the scrap book, the photo album...and me. Where do you want to start?"
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The sun is setting, meaning New Years' Celebrations are about to start, meaning business for the cape crowd. "You know Jesse, the longer I'm here, the more I think you steered us in the right direction."
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She was on Earth again. Kyle was somewhere and supposed to be back soon. She was with the Titans again and Roy was acting a bit...more like the Roy she remembered rather then being this government-back near tyrant he could drop into being so easily now. Bart and Lian have been throughly chipper and...soothing...in their manic sort of way. She has yet another divorce hearing for some piece of property in a few hours, but right now it's quiet in the dawn hours of the train station base. She's flipping multigrain pancakes and she's singing...

A love struck Romeo sings the streets a serenade
He's laying everybody low
He's got a love song that he made
He finds a convenient streetlight and he steps out of the shade
And says something like
"You and me, babe, how about it?"

Juliet says, "Hey, it's Romeo!
You nearly gave me a heart attack"
Yeah well, he's underneath the window now she's singing,
"Hey, la, my boyfriend's back
You shouldn't come around here singing up to people like that"
Oh anyway whatcha gonna do about it?
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Another day. Another paycheck. She's taken an assignment in Italy, leaving the husband and kid behind for a bit while she coaxed this boy band into actually posing instead of hamming it up. That was the morning though. Tonight, she'll fly back under her own power. Ah the joys of being a freelancer trying to save more money for the groceries!

But first, clam linguine, because, damnit, she earned it.
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The Good News: Lian Harper is actually getting the hang of this "public school," thing. She's even discovered school band and has taken a serious interest in it.

The Bad News: She beginning to learn the saxophone and there isn't enough soundproofing in the world for this, much less out in the garage.
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Younger Titan and older Titan having a night out on the streets of Philadelphia. It's not the dark place Gotham is, but it's not relaxed, accepting culture of San Fransisco either. Tonight, the pair are in First Hill, which is surprisingly quiet and their shift is winding down.

"So what kind of early morning food do you go for?" Troia asks. "I get to buy or cook it."
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Unintentional Moments of Tie Together. )

Some days it's not writing. It's taking dictation.
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Thank the Gods it's not true. I heard the news about Jason before it could be confirmed by outside sources.

It would be hard to explain (not to mention very messy) why I owe Jason Todd more than I can repay. It's hard to explain a bond forged first by utter failure and pain then by death. It sounds even more crazy because I've worked with others longer and during moments of greater cataclysmic importance. I've even been snatched from the jaws of death by those who have surprised and comforted me, but very few have ever become so important to me so quickly.

But I still remember being numb for days upon coming back as "Troia," and then discovering there would be someone who would never see the shift - never see me "all grown up." I remember putting my foot down strongly on adding his statue to the Hall as Robin - as a Titan.

I'm pretty sure he'll laugh and be very confused about this when he returns. May that be soon.

PS: For the record, I pray the Helena rumors on the news are more than rumors. I wish both any joy they can find.
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From the Internet to the iPod, technologies are transforming our society and empowering us as speakers, citizens, creators, and consumers. When our freedoms in the networked world come under attack, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the first line of defense. EFF broke new ground when it was founded in 1990 — well before the Internet was on most people's radar — and continues to confront cutting-edge issues defending free speech, privacy, innovation, and consumer rights today. From the beginning, EFF has championed the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights.

I need to stress that I am only speaking for myself here, (which is why I am putting this on a character blog) but I remember this organization helping defend Star Trek fan websites from Viacom in '96. If you feel the need to go somewhere and do something about the recent situation or just want to know the law, the EFF is helping people in spots of trouble similar to Chris. I just signed up for the newsletter and took a look around the site.

Thanks all,

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(From here)

The bride and groom are not unknown to the unseen watchers.
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::Which is accompanied by a pair of clearly self-made silver bracelets::


You seemed stunned that I asked you to be my Maid of Honor - my second at my wedding. I'm hoping this letter clears that up, but if you want to ask something later, you know where to find me.

I'm not sure you know this story. It's not really in the records and it's not like Jay would boast or even credit himself with this, but he got my mother to leave her kingdom and come to this world. He was the first man since Heracles to set foot on the island. What sold her on the idea beyond Jay's sincerity and his insistence that the war would indeed come to our lands was Liberty Belle. Mom scoffed at the idea she'd be allowed to fight beside men as an equal without having to battle them first. Jay brought up your mother and, well, she had to go see this modern world for herself. At least this is what Mom told me the one time I asked her about the JSA.

Without the speedsters...Without Belle...there would likely be no Wonders in this world. As the most dedicated guardian of those and the JSA's legacy, it seems like it would be a sad thing to leave you out of the proceedings.

The second reason is far more personal. Out of the 12 people who directly risked their lives in those Games, I'll admit, you were the biggest surprise. We hadn't served that long together before my "departure" and you always seemed shy and distant around the Tower - despite the brashness and confidence you exuded elsewhere. Then you arrive at the Games. You race, you fight like an Amazon, you nearly die, and most amazing of all, you faced the largest metaphysical challenge there is - the Apple of Desire - and you give it up to someone I'm not even sure you considered a friend at that point for maybe the chance in Hell it would get us the Titans and I out of there alive. We both know the ways that thing twists a mind and makes you think, "If I just hold on..."

And you let it go on the hope I would know what to do. Without you doing that - I can't stress this enough - there likely would be no Titans. Not, at least, the way they are now. There wouldn't be a wedding. I might not have had the strength to make the decision I did to bring my family home. You might not think it, (and you will likely downplay it) but you were the heart of the team that day.

After that, you've listened good humoredly while I worked out 14 years of kinks with my relationship, was there with food and a shoulder to cry on when I got exiled from my home, we've fought the good fight time and again, and we likely will in the future - because the speed demons and the displaced Amazons have the future in common as well.

The bracelets aren't Amazon style. Themscyria doesn't think much of my take on their code, plus as fashionable as they can be, they are a little obvious in a civilian identity. They are, however, offered with the same spirit - friendship and...well, sisterhood - as another legacy case, as a fellow warrior, and, yes, as a Titan.

To the past, present, and future, Ms. Quick - at least that's the hope.

- Donna
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As befitting the tradition of the groom’s people, the guests are assembled in a circle around a handmade clay tier. On this tier are baskets filled with flowers. One basket holds plants from his desert home. Another basket has more worldly flowers happily provided from a flower shop in Gotham. One holds blossoms from an island which has now disappeared away from Man’s World. The final and largest one holds a hodgepodge of plants - Tamaranean flowers share space with Atlantian seaweed and Mid-western wildflowers...Themscyrian lilacs flank a small bouquet of orange roses named after a Wayne family botanist over a century ago. All from gardens surrounding a tower in San Francisco which houses a family that the couple have fought with, beside, and sometimes even against but have always been a part of.

The groom, dressed in a red silk shirt and, out of respect for private memory, plain black silk pants stands...or rather fidgets...awaiting the bride. Even through all the battles, even through the challenges of Hades domain and the pair dying in one another arms, he’s still amazed he’s even here. His daughter is by his side, holding his sweating hand, swinging his arm, and smiling a smile so big it could swallow her face.

Roy Harper and Donna Troy began their relationship as their family - the Titans - began. Their fortunes rose and fell with the volatile team. Their relationship over the past 14 years has always been a potent mix of love, friendship, duty, humor, borderline insanity, and loyalty. For some, “Titans Together,” is a battle chant. To some it’s a homecoming and reminder there is a place for caped misfits and orphans to find themselves. To others, it’s a memory of youth and times past. To this pair, it’s a way of life and today just adds one more wrinkle to that statement.

Let’s begin...
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Vital Stats:
Full Name: Donna Hinkley Stacey Troy
Occupation: Photographer
Height: 5’9” (1.75m)
Weight: 143 lb (64.9 kg)
Hair, Eyes: Black, Blue
Member of: Titans, Darkstars (former)
Powers/abilities: Amazon fighter training, flight, superstrength, superspeed, projective and internal truth sense (aka it’s hard to lie around her), psychic link to Wonder Woman, lasso can project and (with more difficulty) extract memories.

Main points of difference:

Dark Angel’s plan for Diana’s doppelganger not only involved driving Hippolyta mad with grief, it was also out of jealousy and fear about her being replaced by Hippolyta and her daughters. It also involved attempting to control the being that would eventually rule Hypertime. There was also not an attack headed off by the Titans from the Kingdom Come universe, since we destroyed hat one.

Through these alternate lives Troia managed to connect with at least some of the people she knows now. Of these, her bond with Nightwing might very well be equal to that she shares with Wonder Woman. Dark Angel also mentioned Arsenal has been her lover in other lifetimes and a source of hope to her and, thus, has interfered with Dark Angel’s plans to corrupt or destroy Donna.

Roy and Donna’s relationship has been greatly expanded from what DC did and has been more intense. This includes them both falling in love from the start of the Titans, Donna helping Roy get sober, Roy being on hand when Terry and Donna ended their relationship, raising Lian together, Roy challenging Hades for her life and dying in the process, becoming engaged, and Roy being a serious threat to Dark Angel’s plans. To that end, Dark Angel forced Roy to leave Donna in order to save her life when the pair were in their late teens. Unlike the comics, she did not jump into bed with Roy after losing her memories to prove she wasn’t the “nice girl,” or to test her boundaries. If anything, after she lost her memories, she was more distant from Roy (and Wally) until her death due to heart/head translation issues. She is still the only person Lian would want as her mother though and the feeling is pretty much mutual all around except for Cheshire.

She didn’t marry Terry for love. She married Terry because she thought this would stabilize her life, grant her a “real,” family, and because he asked her to. Even though she tried with all her heart, both she and Terry still harbored feeling for their ex’s and as the Titans took up more of Donna’s time, the more emotionally abusive and controlling the relationship became. (Sorry Marv Wolfman)

The Titans of Myth are a giant question mark at this point. Supposedly, she was found by Rhea as a child in a burning building, taken to their world, given her powers through this “Titan seed,” – which is a small part of the Titan of Myths’ powers - raised until she was thirteen, and then returned to Earth to learn humility and humanity and they will wish her to return someday to be their next generation. Only, the Titans of Myth tried to recall her back to their world at the age of 16 and it nearly killed her. They took away or blocked her powers and her son’s in order to grant him normalcy and then took the time traveling version of him away – a version that supposedly died in the Zero Hour Crisis but fought her on Hades battlefield during the Games to bring her back to life. Persephone at the Games mentioned they were not to be trusted, had some hand in her curse, and with her powers intact and the Titan Seed gone, Donna is suspecting there is something to that assertion.

That said, she was not brought back to life by the Titans of Myth, living there as a Titan of the Moon, married to another mythic Titan, or anything like that. She was in the Greek Underworld and was brought back to life by a challenge of Arsenal and the Titans vs. the heroes of Greek legend. (See Olympics)

During this conflict, she was granted the boon of restoring 2 people back to life, either her children or Nightwing and Arsenal, who had fallen during the events. Because of the fear her children with Terry had of her, she felt the world needed heroes, her children needed to be safe, and their daughters needed their fathers, Troia chose to restore Dick and Roy thier lives.

She has only recently gained all of her memories back due to the destruction of Dark Angel. As such, she is no longer cursed to live short, unhappy lives."

Even though there is no love between Cheshire and Troia, and both claim to toher have destoryed parts of thier lives, she is trying for the sake of Lian, Roy, herself, and for any future family they may have to make some sort of peace with her after Dark angel switch places between Donna and Jade, including offering a safe place to live. It is unknown what Cheshire is going to do with this, but for now she is accepting medical help at Titan Tower.

Themscryria no longer considers Troia an Amazon She's gone too native. She’s having some doubts about that title herself.

A more detailed write up. bold indicates Watchtower cannon... )
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